Coyote Cruises is now “CLOSED” for the 2013 season!

Thank you for your patronage this past season! SEE YOU NEXT SUMMER!

Float down the River Channel between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake in Penticton, BC. Come to the Okanagan’s hottest summer attraction!


Open daily 10:00 am – 5:30 pm*

* Weather depending.
** Cash only. ATM on site.

RATES (tax incl.)

Tube Rental $5
Bus Ride $5
Bus & Tube $10

Flotation inflation:

Single tube $2
Double tube (4 people) $5
Large tube (5+ people) $10


Please call 250-492-2115 or email for rates.

**We now provide service to the halfway and to the south end. All personal items must be deflated before getting on the bus.

Limited number of lifejackets are available upon request. Collateral will be requested to insure return.


You are on the water and it can get very hot! Bring something to drink, wear sunscreen and a hat.


To avoid a lineups please fill out the waiver form and have ready for the cashier. Click here for CCLP Waiver Form.

For Your Safety:

The Fire Department doesn’t recommend joining flotation devices as there have been incidents of tubes being caught in bridge pillars.

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Aug 12, 2013 by Amy

I can imagine if you are not from here this experience possibly not working out well for you as in previous posts. We are from Kelowna and plan every year to do the Penticton channel at least once if not more times if possible. It is well worth it but we plan well. We pick a day with nice weather, bring all our tubes, floating chairs or whatever you would like to be on for a long period. Put on sunscreen before you go. We usually bring a small boat from dollar store for a towel or two, snacks, cooler with drinks etc..., also a few short pieces of rope to tie a few of us together (not too many as you have to plan when you go under bridges so you don't get caught up) There are usually two families or our family bring two cars so we can park at each end of where we want to start and finish. If you plan, you will have a blast! Our kids have always loved to bring their mask and snorkels and spend a considerable amount of time in the water looking for what treasures lurk below (but they are fish that LOVE the water, have to be a good swimmer and recommended for older children) When you are getting to the end, pay attention and GET OUT!
Relax and enjoy, worth the hassle:)


Aug 11, 2013 by Ashley

We went there around 2pm on aug 10, we waited in the Half an hour line to pay for a tube and a bus ride. When we finally got to the front of the line to pay, the girl decided to tell us they had no more tubes and it would be an hour and a Half wait. Meanwhile there are still at least 30 people in line behind us they had no intention of telling there were no tubes, but instead would make them wait. So we then had to walk down the street to buy floaties which ended up being $20 instead of the $5 we were supposed to spend. This was not organized at all, and was a waste of time and money as we are from out of town and had to take the day to do this

Aug long 2013

Aug 06, 2013 by Lana Vitkovic

We were visiting from Calgary and had to do the canal float, even though the weather was not so great:(
It was very busy and not at all well organized nor did the staff really offer any type of assistance. Not expecting much from the young kids that are just putting in their hours. The pricing board is not that well informative as well. Just offered $10 for the tube and bus ride(bus is not free as it states on the website) or inflation for your own inflatable. You can pass on the bus ride as well. The price board did not say anything of $65 for the very large party float, that would accommodate at least 4 adults and couple of kids. That would of been nice to of known before you pay for the tiny tubes!!!!
Still it is a must and even if it 's busy it is super fun! Everyone haves a great time!! 5 stars for floating down the canal.

Coyote Cruises , USA 3.0 4.0 3 3 I can imagine if you are not from here this experience possibly not working out well for you as in previous posts. We are from Kelowna and plan every year to do the Penticton chan